Am I Making a Difference?

I have been wondering about the desire we all have to make a difference in the world. It seems that this is perhaps the deepest cry of our hearts. We want to live a life of meaning and purpose. There is something deep within that demands significance. Most of us are not satisfied with merely existing or living life at a temporal and superficial level. I know I am not.

I am also wondering about the variety of my life experience and what has mattered most to me so far. As I reflect on the many and varied opportunities I have had I recognize that not all of these opportunities have made a difference in the world. At least not from my perspective. And I wonder about what I really want to be doing to actually make a difference.

And what exactly is “making a difference?” I guess that depends upon perspective. A “difference” from whose point of view? My perspective is simply too narrow, and perhaps a little too selfish. Or maybe from the perspective of the other person – the one who benefits from what I do. They may feel that what I have done has made a difference. But, honestly that still leaves me wondering …

I wonder if the “difference” we can make would truly have meaning or significance if we can see it from God’s point of view. What would God define as “making a difference?” How would God describe the things of my life that could make a difference in a way that really mattered to Him? Ultimately, that is what the cry of my heart is. I don’t really want to do what matters to just anyone; I want to do what matters to God. After all, He created me and He has a unique purpose for my life. And He knows exactly what I should be doing in order to achieve the purpose He determined for my life.

So, perhaps it’s not about “making a difference” at all! It just may be that it’s all about simply living to please my Heavenly Father. And in so doing, I find my highest purpose and greatest joy. And perhaps, coincidentally, it may make a difference in someone else’s life.

It certainly will make a difference in my life!

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